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Tax Preparation

Hafen Buckner is your all in one tax resource and accountancy service. We pride ourselves in offering the most accurate and money saving strategies to our clients, whether they run a business or are looking for individual returns. We offer cutting edge software that gives us complete control over last minute changes, while double checking for mistakes. You never have to worry that a simple error could cause you a major headache. We will get your filing done right, on time and with the maximum results. At Hafen | Buckner, we know that we work for you, not the Internal Revenue Service.

We offer the following services:

  • Individual returns
  • Small business returns
  • Corporate returns
  • Partnership and LLC filings
  • Fiduciary accounts
  • Tax exempt or non-profit organizations
  • Payroll accountancy and sales tax
  • Property and income tax

Our promise to you is that we will find the best customized, profitable and creative tax planning tactics that work for you. Some of our strategies include discovering new investment avenues with reduced or eliminated taxation, income deferral, partnership agreements, deductions and more. We will comb through every aspect so your financial accounts and history to discover every possible way to save you money, all year round.

Contact Hafen | Buckner for a consultation today and start moving towards a better tax status.